«Healy» – the frequency pharmacy


In simple terms, the mass transport into and out of the cell is performed by magnetically controlled valves.

The tension potential, i.e. the difference in tension between the cell interior and the cell interspace, is responsible for a healthy (physiological) cell metabolism. In our view, this mechanism explains why the frequency therapy is a procedure that can be applied for many different diseases.

By regular application of the selected frequency programs, the Healy helps to bring the cell membrane tension back to a natural level.

This small, mobile multi-talent has the right frequency programs for all important areas of life. With Healy as a medical device, it is not only possible to treat a variety of causes of illness, but also to promote health, well-being and balance in a targeted manner.

Note: Healy is a medical device for pain treatment by chronic pain, fibromyalgia, skeletal pain and migraine, as well as for supportive treatment of mental illnesses such as depressions, anxiety and associated sleep disorders. Conventional medicine does not recognize all other Healy applications due to the lack of evidence in the sense of conventional medicine.

Treatments with Healy Frequency therapy for women and men

1. Relaxation Treatment with Frequency TherapyTreatment Price
1 glass of energized water, we put a small Healy device and let you relax in a healing atmosphere with music, pleasant fragrance and candles.
Duration: from 30 to 60 minutes according to the selected program
Price per treatment20-40 CHF
2. Head, Ear and Neck Massage with Frequency Therapy + you can use right/left transmitter (balance between right and left side of the body, the two transmitters ensure a quick establishment of personal energy balance)
1 glass of energized water, disinfecting and soothing with Balance Fluid, head and neck massage can be done with energized oil or stimulated with Energy Gel.
Duration: 40 minutes
Price per treatment70 CHF