Cooling of the whole body

The medical treatment is carried out by means of cold gases (liquid nitrogen is dispersed at the temperature from -30 ° C to -180 ° C). This fog cools the body dry for a short time (120 – 180 seconds).

How it works:
The Cryosauna is a one-person cabin that you enter in a swimwear. The treatment lasts for a maximum of 3 minutes and is always carried out under supervision. The therapy is dry. The whole body is positively stimulated.

Ice cold for success in sport!

The cold therapy of the whole body is considered to be one of the most effective physical therapies. Many studies have proved its positive effects. The body mobilizes its immunity, and the release of endorphins promotes the healing process, the well-being and quality of life.

Mann in Kryosauna
Super anti-aging effect!

There are no cosmetics known in the world that can so rejuvenate our skin. The cryotherapy restores your healthiest, most beautiful state.

Frau in Kryosauna

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